I’ve been working as a behavioral/performance improvement specialist in the industrial world for more than 20 years. I’ve specialized in the areas of error/event prevention, leadership, and influencing skills. That experience has included training business leaders to effectively influence the behaviors of their workforce.


Those skills and experiences as a corporate human performance manager relate directly to my sports performance coaching style. In today’s environment, being an effective coach is not simply about the technical ways the body adapts to training. Much, if not all, of that information is available to all athletes via the interweb in a way that was never before possible.


I believe the key attribute of a modern coach is the understanding of each individual’s behaviors, motivation, etc. It's one thing to be able to design a good training program that will accomplish a goal. It takes another skill set to design a program that accomplishes the goal while taking into account how likely the athlete is to be successful on various programs based on their behavior patterns.


Some call it sports psychology but ultimately it is just creating, reinforcing, and solidifying the healthy behaviors needed to support each goal. The goal of Hu2 Coaching is to redefine your “normal”.


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